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Guaranteed Daily Profits

Our automated tracking system GUARANTEES daily profits of at least $1,500 per day

Proven Success Rate

Cogni Trade uses cutting-edge technology to identify winning trades with remarkable accuracy

100% Risk Free

Trades will only be placed if Cogni Trade is absolutely certain it’s going to profit!

"I make MILLIONS using the Cognitive Computing Technology. The big boys on Wall Street ALL know about this, but of course, they probably will never ever let it out to public. They talk about Cognitive Trading BEHIND closed doors."

Cameron Doyle | CEO of Cogni Trade 



$ 136,650,100


Our software has performed tremendously since the beginning of its debut. Not only has Cogni Trade made its founders rich, but it has also generated huge profits for all its members. After making $136,650,100 in profits, it's safe to say that Cogni Trade is unlike any other auto-trading software out there. With a Winning rate of 95.2% - it's simply bulletproof! 


Do I need any financial knowledge or education to use this software ?

Absolutely not. CogniTrade's software is an automated trading platform that does all the job for you, you just collect your profits.

How much money will I make ?

A minimum of $1,500 per day is GUARANTEED. Larger profits are common as well. We have witnessed members making up to $16,000 per day. 

Are there any restrictions ?

Yes. You cannot use this software if you are below the age of 18 years old.

How do I start ?

Just fill in the form while it's still available. Make your initial investment and activate the auto trading feature. Automatically you will start to earn at least $1,500 each and every day. All will be done 100% for you in autopilot, you just need to request a withdrawal at least once a month.

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